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Doona Wash

At Eco Wash, we offer a variety of options for washing your doona. Our efficient and environmentally friendly front-load washing machines are designed to accommodate even the largest doonas, so you can be sure that your bedding will come out clean, fresh, and fluffy.

Washing your doona at Eco Wash is affordable and convenient, with pricing starting at just $5 for a single doona, $7 for a double, and $10 for a queen. We recommend using cold water for most doonas, but please check the washing instructions on your doona before using warm water.

Washing Machines

Our many washing machines come in three sizes, for large and small amounts of laundry.
With our flexible pricing system, you can choose the size and temperature that works best for you and your laundry needs without having to worry about overpaying.

Double Load Wash

Fits up to 2 baskets (9kg)

Ideal for everyday clothes washing, sheets, single-size doonas, and blankets.







Triple Load Wash

Fits up to 3 baskets (14kg)

Great for family washing, double-size doonas, blankets, sleeping bags, and bathroom towels.







Maxi Load Wash

Fits up to 4 baskets (18kg)

Save by washing a larger load. Wash a week's laundry in 23 minutes. Perfect for queen and king doonas.







Drying Machines

We have plenty of clothes dryers available for you.
The pricing for dryers at Eco Wash is a flat rate of $1 for every 5 or 6 minutes, depending on the size of the dryer you choose.

Large Dryer

Fits up to 3 baskets (14kg)

Ideal for drying small to medium loads of laundry.

Per 6 minutes:

Only $1

Jumbo Dryer

Fits up to 5 baskets (20kg)

Ideal for drying large loads of laundry, including doonas and blankets.

Per 5 minutes:

Only $1