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0490 379 005 7am to 10pm daily 671 High Street, Preston

Welcome to Eco Wash

A coin launderette servicing Preston, Reservoir, Thornbury, Northcote, Coburg, Fairfeild, Greensborough, Heidelberg, Bundoora, Thomastown and surrounding suburbs in the greater Melbourne area.

What we do:

We are a modern and fresh self service coin laundry with free WiFi.

Come use our super efficient washers and dryers: Wash a week's laundry in 23 minutes, then dry in under 30 minutes.
Washing done.

We are proud to be environmentally friendly! We only use solar powered hot water and energy efficient front load washing machines.

Our commitment to the environment:

Eco Wash Coin Laundry cares for the environment using efficient machines and is the first in Melbourne to provide solar hot water.

We use only Dexter machines because they are technologically advanced, water-wise and energy efficient.

Doona Wash
Open 7 Days
Change Machine
We have washing machines to suit the largest of loads to small basket loads. Our washers are perfect for all your doona cleaning, from single to king size.
We're open every day from 7AM until 10PM, and on public holidays for your convenience.
No coins? No worries. We have a note changer, so you can easily change notes to $1 and $2 coins to use with our washers and dryers.

Free WiFi
Express Dryers
Fast and free WiFi provided for your work or pleasure.
At Eco Wash we have lots of large capacity dryers.

Contact Us

Come visit us at 671 High Street, Preston,
Or text / call us at 0490 379 005.

For other inquiries, email us: [email protected].


We have several washing machines and dryers to suit all your washing needs, from a small weekly wash to large loads when it all piles up after a few weeks.
We reward you by providing a low cost cold water wash cycle. It saves you money, and helps look after our environment.


Double Load Wash
Triple Load Wash
Maxi Load Wash
$4 / Cold
$5 / Warm
$6 / Hot
$6 / Cold
$7 / Warm
$8 / Hot
$9 / Cold
$10 / Warm
$11 / Hot

2 Baskets (9kg)

3 Baskets (14kg)

4 Baskets (18kg)

Ideal for everyday clothes washing, sheets, single size doonas and blankets

Use for big family loads.
Ideal for double size doona washing, blankets, sleeping bags and towel washing

Save money by washing a big four load wash.
A family weeks washing in just 23 minutes. Perfect for queen & king doonas


Large Dryer
Jumbo Dryer
Doona Wash
$1 / 7 Minutes
$1 / 5 Minutes
Single from $4
Queen/Double from $6
King from $9

3 Baskets

5 Baskets

Washing Tips

Put the right amount of detergent for each wash, not too much, not too little, so that you get all clothing items washed properly.

Don't put too many clothes in the machine - if you want to get them all done in one load - use a bigger washing machine. Use the triple load washer (3 big baskets) or the maxi load washing machine (4 big baskets).

Take it easy with cotton and washable wool when drying, use the lower setting first, gradually build up to dry your cotton and woollen items. If you dry cotton or washable wool too quick, it will shrink

Frequently Asked

​Why is a front load washer often a better choice?

Top load washers are smaller capacity and less efficient. Front washers provide a better wash and are gentler on your garments due to their tumbling action.
They need less soap (for example a double load front load washer will need about 1 1/2 load's worth of soap).
Front load washers are better value and more environmentally friendly.

Can I wash my pillows in a front load washer?

You can- but you need to aware of a few things. Pillows can sometimes be damaged during wash and may lose stuffing or lose its shape.
Please use your best judgment.

Can I dry my doona?

Yes, most modern doonas can be tumbled dried. Check and follow the care instruction label on the doona before drying them. The low or medium setting usually gives best results. Dry cleaning your doona means the use of harsh chemicals, our washers and dryers are a cleaner and healthier chemical-free alternative. ​

Can I wash a down doona?

Doonas with down fillings take longer to dry- and you may need to air dry them at home to get the extra moisture out. Please take care to dry them completely to prevent mildew.

How do I add time to the dryers?

You can add any amount of time to the dryers by inserting $1 or $2 coin then pressing the start button. Please remember to press the start button each time you insert a coin, then select your desired temperature.

Can I put regular detergent in your front load washers?

You can use regular detergent but you have to use only one third of a cup, less is more. Over sudsing causes a build up of soap in your clothes over a period of time. Remember, a little soap goes a long way.

I put a dollar coin in the dryers but it didn't add time to the dryers and there is a blinking green light. What is happening?

The dryers are stack dryers so one coin slot serves the top or bottom dryers. All you have to do is push start after adding the coins in your desired dryers (top or bottom)

I did my laundry but the clothes are very soapy.

What happened is that the washers are very efficient in water and soap usage. A little goes a long way.
When you add too much soap into the compartment, over-sudsing (When there is too much soap in your water) occurs.
The soap may have also been put into the wrong insert such as the "softener" insert.
As these inserts are timed with the cycle of the wash they may release at the wrong time leaving not enough water to wash out the rest of the soap.

Why don't the dryers dry my towels when I add them with my clothes?

Generally the fabric that towels are made of retain more water which means they take longer to dry. It is advisable to dry them separately.

Can I wash pet bedding?

Washing of pet bedding and attire is NOT ALLOWED due to health and safety regulations. It's best for you to take your items to a specialist pet and dog washing facilities.