Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to use the right amount of detergent for each wash, not too much and not too little. Additionally, avoid overloading the washing machine. If you have a lot of clothes to wash, consider using a larger washing machine, such as our Triple Load washer (which can hold up to 3 big baskets) or our Maxi Load washing machine (which can hold up to 4 big baskets). When drying your clothes, take care with cotton and washable wool items. Start with the lower setting and gradually increase the heat as needed. Drying cotton or wool too quickly can cause it to shrink, so be sure to use a gentle setting and monitor your clothes closely while they dry.

Front load washers are generally larger capacity and more efficient than top load washers. They provide a better wash and are gentler on your garments due to their tumbling action. They also require less soap and are more environmentally friendly.

Yes, you can wash pillows in a front load washer, but please be aware that they may be damaged during the wash and may lose stuffing or shape. Please use your best judgment.

Yes, most modern doonas can be tumbled dried. Please check and follow the care instruction label on the doona before drying them. The low or medium setting usually gives the best results. Our washers and dryers are a cleaner and healthier, chemical-free alternative to dry cleaning.

Yes, you can wash a down doona, but they take longer to dry, and you may additionally need to air dry them at home (after putting them in one of our dryers) in order to remove any extra moisture. Please take care to dry them completely to prevent mildew.

To add more time to the dryers, simply insert $1 or $2 coins, or tokens, and press the start button.

Yes, regular detergent can be used in our front load washers, but we recommend to use only one-third of a cup to avoid over-sudsing, which can cause a buildup of soap in your clothes over time. Less soap is better.

Our dryers are stack dryers, so one coin slot serves both the top and bottom dryers. To use the desired dryer, insert your coins or tokens and press the start button for that dryer (top or bottom).

Our washers are designed to use water and soap efficiently, so it is possible you may have used too much soap. Over-sudsing can cause a buildup of soap in your clothes over time. Be sure to use the correct soap insert and amount, and follow the instructions on the product.

Towels generally retain more water, so they often take longer to dry. Try drying them separately to the rest of your clothing items, in an additional machine. This should speed up the drying process.

No, washing of pet bedding and attire is not allowed due to health and safety regulations. It's best for you to take your items to a specialist pet or dog washing facility.

Yes, you can pay with your mobile phone at Eco Wash using our new card payment terminal, located at the rear of the laundry. Simply select the number of tokens you need, pay using your mobile phone or bank card, collect your tokens, and insert them into any machine to start washing or drying.